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If you are planning to take a class at PSC in the fall, and you have never taken a dual enrollment class before, there are several items you must do now in order to register when PSC publishes classes.


1 - You must complete the Dual Enrollment Application on PSC's website

2 - You must set up your Pirate Mail account - this is where you receive the link with instructions on how to register for classes.

If you don't receive the links, you may access them here: 

3. Student Record Portal: 


ALL of these things need to be done now to ensure you will be able to register for fall classes. Your Pace High counselors can not register for you by paper any longer and if you do not have your application processed and SpyGlass/Pirate Mail set up in advance, you will not be able to register when it opens June 1. 

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To ensure the safety of our students and staff, we have a new procedure for visitors.  See the flier for details:

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