NJROTC Repeats National Championship

Our NJROTC program repeated as champions at the Navy Academic, Athletic, and Academic Championship! This is their second year in a row earning the National Championship spot. The last Pace High NJROTC team to do so competed 20 years ago. "It was an incredible experience to be able to have the competition in person and the cadets to get recognized publicly at awards. We truly love representing OUR school and appreciate your support of our program. It’s hard to put into words how incredibly proud I am of this group of cadets. I told them to make passion our competitive advantage and they showed that to the nation. Very thankful to our staff for leading every step of the way. Our CO Caitlin Proper was the best CO at the National Championship! Every single cadet had ownership in us winning," John Baker, 1stSgt USMC (ret), stated.

"Achieving our goal of national champions for the 2nd year in a row as really been so surreal. After winning the championship last year, we put our mind to doing it again which took everything we had. Some of us knew what the feeling of winning last year was like and wanted to repeat it this year so the new drill team would be able to feel it too. We had many early mornings and long nights putting extra time in to secure our win, but it was all worth it in the end to see everyone so proud," CO Caitlin Proper, 12, stated.

"Winning the national championship is more than the trophies and applause when we got announced as 1st place. It is about the team. About all of the countless hours of hard work we collectively put into our drill season. It’s about the dedication of each cadet WANTING to win for each other. And most importantly, we made passion our competitive advantage," Sadie Resmondo, 11, stated.

"The title “national champions” makes me remember all the hard work we’ve put in since the beginning of the year. It reminds me of the blood, sweet, and tears, but also the wonderful memories I’ve made. Getting to that point has been tough, coming in 4 out of 5 times a week at 6:30am and not leaving school till 6:00pm. Winning nationals is what we’ve been training for and our work paid off," Shasta Gurling, 10, stated.

Overall: 1st place led by Caitlin Proper

Inspection: 1st pace led by Caitlin Proper

Academics: 2nd place led by Kyan Kraynack

Push ups: 1st place led by Anna Michulka

100 relay: 2nd place led by Anna Michulka

Sit Ups: 5th place led by Anna Michulka

Color Guard: 1st place led by Anna Michulka

Unarmed Basic Drill: 5th place led by Caitlin Proper

Armed Basic Drill: 2nd place led by Sadie Resmondo

Unarmed Exhibition Drill: 1st place led by Maddy Meggs

Armed Exhibition Drill: 3rd place led by Jacob Vikara


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