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Our Favorite Librarian

It's National Librarian Day and we would like to celebrate this day with Mrs. Celene Sessions. Mrs. Sessions has been with Pace High School for 24 years, with this year being her first as our Librarian. "Being the PHS Librarian is the coolest job ever. I get to be surrounded by my favorite things - books and students who love reading. It's especially fun when I help students who might not necessarily love reading find a book that interests them," Mrs. Sessions stated. Some of Mrs. Sessions favorite projects so far this year have been the Book Club, the partnership with PTSO, and the school- wide read.

The Book Club: "My Book Club members and the events we have done have been amazing! It's awesome to get to hear them excited about book during meetings and Book Battles," Sessions stated.

PTSO: "Partnership with PTSO has been incredible! The PTSO has hosted the Reading Cafes with free drinks, donuts, and there anything better? And they brought back the Book Fair," Sessions stated.

School-wide read: "The school-wide read was incredible. What a fabulous collaboration of students and teachers working together to share the wisdom found in the Energy Bus," Sessions stated.

So many things have been accomplished and in such a short time period in her role as Librarian. Pace High is lucky to have Mrs. Sessions. We can't to see what more Mrs. Sessions and our Pace High Library have to offer in the years to come.


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